Be yourself- everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." Chanel
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Graduate makeover secures first job

"When I first met with Liz, I had recently graduated from University. Eager to get my career started, I found myself drowning in what became the all too familiar 'We regret to inform you...' email. My confidence had dwindled and the hope of ever getting a job had vanished.
My first meeting with her was brilliant. Extremely personable, she enabled me to talk openly about how I felt and helped me focus on what kind of career I wanted. By discussing my CV, Liz helped me to realise that how I was presenting myself on paper, was how I was portraying myself in person at interview.
After only a few sessions my motivation for finding work had been ignited. I now had direction, a killer CV and renewed confidence.
Next were the finishing touches. Liz has effortless style and can ably translate her fashion know-how to anyone. She knew exactly what I should wear to allow my professionalism to shine through, and above all to make me feel confident.
Only a few months down the line, I secured my first graduate full time position. It felt great beating the odds and gaining a much sought after position in the difficult economic climate for graduates. Liz is definitely someone I thank for the acheivement."
Amy Taylor
PA to Managing Director and Production Analyst at Newspaper Licensing Agency