Those of you who know me well will know that I have been obsessed with Roxy Music, and especially Bryan Ferry, since they started crooning a very long time ago!

Bryan Ferry CBE has always been a Sartorial God! Originally dressed by fashion designer Antony Price in the early 70’s, he was looking as cool as ever this Monday morning, on BBC’s Breakfast show, wearing the current trend for “tone-on-tone” tie and shirt combo.

Bryan Ferry on BBC Breakfast

Tone-on-tone is my definition of the look where one base colour is worn but in lots of toning shades.

For men, a great way of achieving the tone-on-tone look is to wear a tie and shirt in the same colour but different tones. Both the shirt and tie need to be plain and the tie should always be a darker shade than the shirt. For me, the closer the shades of tie and shirt, the younger the look, but you can form your own opinion.

Reiss tone on tone shirt and tie

Bryan was wearing a wonderful royal blue tie with a blue shirt a few shades lighter. At 67 he is proof that, it doesn’t matter what your age, you can successfully work this look.

It’s a very smart look and one that translates well both in a formal, business environment as well as in a more casual situation. Again, the bigger the contrast in tie and shirt shade, the more formal the look.

For women the current trend for wearing colour demonstrates the look when clashing prints are worn but the outfit is pulled together by the consistency of a dominant colour. Stripes, prints and plains can all coordinate in tonal shades without it looking like you’ve thrown on the first things you could lay your hands on, in the dark, that morning!

Zara clashing prints

Mango printed scarf








The addition of a toning, printed scarf can brighten-up an otherwise dull, plain jumper and wearing a winter floral blouse with a pair of coloured trousers in a matching shade looks great. If you feel you’re looking a bit too matchy-matchy then keep shoes, belt and bag in reliable black.

A simple but effective blog message this week and one that I hope you’ll all go and experiment with. Happy toning!

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