The art of layering

Layering with Next holiday essentials

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been feeling somewhat chilly over the last few weeks. We are all aware that summer has chosen not to arrive in the UK this year – in fact it hadn’t arrived in France when I was there last week either!

So, the big question is – what on earth to wear? We all want to put on those lovely things we bought back in April in anticipation of a tropical July/August and we don’t want to wear the same winter clothes all year round.

My solution to the dilemma is layering. It is also a key element of successful holiday packing and I’ll guarantee that if you take lots of woolies away with you temperatures will soar. If you don’t pack a cardi then it’s sure to be freezing!

Layering can take many forms and tends to predominantly apply to the top half of the body. A vest top or T-shirt, under a shirt, under a cardigan or jumper is a winning formula. The shirt can be worn with a couple of additional buttons undone without the risk of exposing too much chest hair or cleavage. Summer colours can be added at little extra cost in the t-shirt layer and a thinner, winter woolie can be used as the jumper layer.

Zara printed cardigan

If the sun should come out then all top layers can be removed to enable maximum exposure to the beneficial rays and, if it does rain – AGAIN- then the simple addition of a waterproof fourth layer can be added.

Jackets can replace the jumper layer and, if you’re feeling very brave and positive about the clouds receding, the shirt layer can be ditched completely.

Remember to wear toning colours and not to wear more than three solid colours in total. Clashing prints are the “in thing” this summer but need to be worn with caution and again, in toning shades.

Adding a scarf or pashmina is another great layering option and a good way of adding a print if the mood takes you. They are also a must when travelling by rail or air where temperatures seem to have a mind of their own and can vary incredibly during your journey.

Happy holidays and happy layering!

Hugo Boss trench coat

Mens Gap Cardigan

One thought on “The art of layering

  1. Another brilliant blog Liz. After spending all that time with you sorting through my wardrobe and buying new clothes I am now trying everything on and seeing what sort of layering effects I can conjure up – better than working though!
    Keep up the great blogging…..

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