Talking to strangers

How good do you feel if someone comes up to you and tells you they love what you’re wearing? The other morning I was having a coffee with a friend. After a good old catch-up she went off to the loo and I called for the bill. A man walked into the coffee shop and I couldn’t take my eyes off him!

He was a good looking guy but that wasn’t the only reason for my unhealthy interest. I must have been having a real stare because he sat on the table next to me and asked if we knew each other. I apologised and told him that I loved his glasses and thought they totally suited him. He was really chuffed at my comment and proceeded to tell me how long the quest to find the perfect pair of reading glasses had taken him. We ended up having a long conversation about lens shape, frame colour and everything optical – as you do!

Tom Ford vintage soft round acetate glasses with metal 'T' temple decoration

The point of my story is this – talking to strangers can be beneficial and a good all-round positive experience. I now know about a great brand of reading glasses – Tom Ford to be precise – the gorgeous gentleman felt great about his new look and we had a pleasant chat.

A client of mine had recently successfully reached her goal weight at her slimming club and had treated herself to my services as a reward. She went out that night in an outfit we’d bought on our shopping trip and a man came up to her and told her how amazing she looked. It was the first time in ages that someone had told her this and she was so happy. It made all the hard work of losing the extra pounds worth it.

It’s such a positive thing to do and we can all benefit from the experience. I’ve managed to get some fab things by asking strangers, “You look great in that, where did you get it from?”  This also works when I’m looking for something specific for a client and haven’t yet been able to find it in the shops.

We can all talk to strangers, but remember, make it a positive exchange – telling someone they look dreadful in something is a complete no-no. So, be confident and go and tell someone they look good – you’ll make their day and give yourself a comforting glow.

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