The right shoes – part two

Part two of my blog talks about the “right” pair of shoes for different occasions.

Hunter wellie

I recently spoke to a managing partner of a solicitors firm who told me that if a candidate turned up to an interview in brown shoes he wouldn’t even consider them! This is perhaps an extreme reaction but it does happen, and we all need to be aware of it. The appropriateness of dress definitely applies to footwear as well as clothing.

Hopefully none of us girls would wear a pair of killer heels if we were going for a walk in the country, just as we wouldn’t wear our Hunter wellies if we were going to a ball – ok, a Farmers Ball possibly, but only if Jimmy Choo have designed them! Extreme examples, I know, but you can get my point – shoes matter.

If you want to look smart and professional make sure your shoes are well heeled, polished and clean. Patent is a great option for women’s work shoes as it wipes clean, but leather shouldn’t be a problem for any of us – purchasing a Kiwi shoe sponge costs around £3 and does the trick.

Kiwi shoe shine

And girls, if you need to wear your higher heels at the office – because they definitely look better with your pencil skirt – then do your commuting in a pair of flats and keep your heels behind your desk to change into when you arrive. I’m not saying you have to wear your trainers – personally I ONLY wear trainers to the gym – but a cute pair of flat pumps will be perfect and far less challenging for both gear changes and bus hopping.


Black Marcel brogue by Paul Smith

For the men in the audience, the appropriate style of shoe is just as important as colour. I’m sure none of you would wear your favourite, height enhancing cowboy boots – the ones you bought on that trip to the States – to a business appointment unless you’re in a very creative industry. Safer to stick to a great pair of polished, black brogues.

Brown Leather Cross Strap sandal from Next

Tasselled and fringed loafers are definitely more relaxed shoe styles so be careful if you’re stepping into a seriously professional environment in a pair of these. Two tone brogues are back big-time but only wear them with one-colour socks! Men’s shoes in neutral colours are hot property this season but are very much a summer look and probably best worn without socks. Sandals should be kept strictly for the beach and holiday wear and driving shoes should be worn for, well, driving!

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