Celebrate the loss

How many of you have been on a bit of a diet since the over-indulgence of the Festive Season?

If you’ve spent the last eight weeks plus detoxing and exercising yourself back into wonderful shape then you deserve to celebrate! And I don’t mean by going and ruining all the hard work with a blow-out meal. My suggestion is that you get rid of all those “bigger day” clothes and invest in a few new pieces that show off the lovely, slimmer you and ensure that you’re bang up to date with some of the wonderful, spring styles and colours.

My worry is that if you don’t exclude these bigger clothes from your wardrobe then you’re tempted to start to fill them again. If you put on a pair of jeans that feel a bit too snug then you’re more likely to be good for a couple of days, lose the extra pounds and make things more comfortable. If you have the next size up in your wardrobe then it’s just too easy to put them on and replace the smaller pair until a “thinner day”! Sadly, that day will probably never arrive and you will have undone all the hard work.

Another concern about keeping the same big clothes is that you don’t show off the new you. You start to think negatively about your weight-loss, nobody’s noticed so why bother? That’s because nobody can see your recently toned and honed body, so no one tells you how great you’re looking – one of the most motivational incentives.

As one of the Personal Trainers on Fat Fighters so rightly said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you are confident.” So, let’s get confident and invest in a celebratory, “thinner you” outfit or two and bin the “bigger day” clothes.


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