Less is more – Stage 2

My last blog gave you Stage 1 of sorting out your wardrobe – here’s Stage 2.

I left you with a pile of bin liners full of rejected clothes, which was probably a mistake. A trap to be avoided is to leave the aforementioned bin liners hanging around – it’s too tempting to dig back into them and drag out the discarded garments “just in case they come in useful later”. They won’t, believe me! As you throw out decide which ones are destined for the dress agency or charity shop and the ones that are-no hopers and need to go into the recycling bin and get them there first thing the next morning.

You can now see where the gaps are. By this, I mean the extra bits you need to purchase to make everything you’ve kept wearable. It might be a pair of shoes with a slightly higher heel to wear with that great skirt, a top in a specific colour or with a different neckline to go with your work suit or a casual jacket to wear with all those great jeans you’ve discovered lurking in the dark recesses of your clothes store.

Then, make a list and go shopping! Your budget may not allow you to fill in all the gaps immediately but sticking to your list will mean that you don’t buy anything that you won’t wear.

My mission for everyone, both male and female is to have a wardrobe you love, a great collection of clothes that fit you and the life you lead.


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