Less is more – Stage 1

It really is one of the most difficult things to do! I’m talking about sorting out our wardrobes. Getting rid of the things we have never worn, do wear but don’t feel good in, have spent a fortune on so can’t possibly commit to the charity shop or have worn so much we’re bored of them and they’re looking a bit shabby. Then there are the things we love but can no longer fit into, the garments that are totally the wrong colour and make us look ill when we wear them and the clothes that are simply inappropriate for our lifestyle.

What a picture of doom and gloom I’m painting but in almost all cases there are those little gems that do all the right things – they fit, they’re a great colour for us, they enhance our best attributes and we feel great when we wear them. These are the things that we need to identify and major on!

To find these gems you need to do two things – arm yourself with a drink of choice and open up your wardrobe doors!! Then, be brutally honest with yourself and start sorting. If you’re a person who likes to go shopping with a friend then invite one round to help you make decisions. Try lots of things on and, if the garment really is a lost cause, then pop it into a bin liner!

Once you’ve completed Stage 1 – and it might take more than one session depending on how long you’ve been collecting clothes – pour yourself another drink and feel a great sense of achievement!

Good luck and happy sorting!

Look out for Stage 2 on my next blog.

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