How to look good clothed

A rectangle, an apple, a pear and an hourglass may seem an odd collection of things, but they are not part of an examination question, nor are they clues in a murder mystery puzzle. They are in fact categorisations of female body shapes. These four shapes provide the framework behind Liz Clothier’s presentation How to Look Good Clothed delivered to students and staff at Queen Margaret’s on the evening of Thursday 17th of March.

From making her own clothes at the age of thirteen on her grandmothers Singer sewing machine Liz Clothier has always loved clothes. After a brief diversion during a Zoology Degree Liz returned to fashion and started working for Topshop. After years working in the fashion industry Liz has rebranded herself and is using her passion for fashion to help women and men build wardrobes they love.

The theme of the evening was dressing appropriately not only for the occasion but for your body shape (be it rectangle, apple, pear or hourglass), take pride in your appearance, for, quite dauntingly it is only a matter of 2 or 3 seconds in which people in business make a judgement about an individual based entirely on how they look. Liz talked about how wearing the right clothes can instil confidence: get the outfit right and it is one concern that can be dismissed. This advice was wrapped up with tips for the season ahead (1970s and ballet), advice on accessorising and examples of this season’s must haves: flares, wedges, white jackets, anything in block colour and clothes and accessories with fringing.

So are you a rectangle, an apple, a pear or an hourglass? Whatever your shape Liz’s message is to embrace your individuality, experiment with clothes, stick to the rules and dress with confidence. For more information or for styling advice visit

Many thanks go to the Parents and Friends Association for their kind donation that contributed to the hosting of How to Look Good Clothed.

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