Dress right now with Liz Clothier

Liz Clothier is delighted to announce the launch of a new personal and corporate styling service (www.lizclothier.com), designed to help individuals and organisations improve the way they dress.

Liz’s experience in the fashion industry, coupled with her background in business, gives her a clear understanding of how to dress right now. Whether it’s a shopping trip with an individual client or the development of a company dress code, Liz helps people to build a wardrobe that works.

Speaking recently at the Leeds launch of the new service, Liz said “My strong belief is that the right dress allows people to express themselves from the inside out and can transform how they feel and perform. In business the right dress can make the difference between losing and winning. Impressions and judgements are often made in seconds; my objective is to ensure people make those first few critical seconds count.”

Liz Clothier’s personal styling service includes consultations, accompanied shopping trips, wardrobe updates, special event shopping and long-term wardrobe maintenance. The service is particularly relevant to organisations where the importance of dress in winning business is overlooked, people do not dress appropriately, the dress code just does not work or staff look second best compared to the competition.

Results of this new approach have been impressive. Amongst those seeking to achieve a specific employment objective Liz has so far enjoyed a 100% success rate. With organisations she has been equally impressive. Carol Cameron, Deputy Head of Queen Margaret’s School in York recently said of Liz’s work “I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to any organisation serious about updating, improving or refining their image.”

The bespoke service, aimed at men and women and organisations of all shapes and sizes, is available from today in Yorkshire and London.


One thought on “Dress right now with Liz Clothier

  1. Lovely website, I am looking forward to learning how I can make the most of a ‘poor canvas’. Got a bit flabby lately and don’t feel I suit clothes as well as I used to. Should I get in shape or purchase clothes to suit my shape? I feel that clothes these days are tailored to the taller, slimmer gent.

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